Attitude, Self-Expression, and Style

I recently watched the documentary Iris about Iris Apfel. I only recently became aware of her but I am totally enthralled by her. I love her style and confidence. In the documentary, she has stores and stores of clothing and accessories. I would die for what she has and the space to have it. I thought I was bad with my several closets full of clothes!

Besides Iris Apfel, other style icons I love are Sophia Loren for her sultriness, Katherine Hepburn for her casual confidence, Lauren Bacall for her class, and Gwen Stefani for her cool.

I don’t always follow what the latest, greatest, most current trends are. As a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant I try to stay up to date in order to advise my customers and make suggestions, but I  believe that the most important thing is that you are comfortable in what you have on and that you feel really good about it. I have typically stayed with more classic pieces myself, adding a little “spice” in accessories, or a new trendy item or two. I hate to shop. I like getting new things but I hate trying to find something that I have in mind, trying things on, and I’m cheap, so I don’t like to spend money. So if I do spend money I want it to last. I also keep everything forever, which is why I have so much and not because I shop a lot.

Watch what’s current. Find a style that you like. Wear fabric and colors you love. Wear it with confidence and, above all, attitude.