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Life gets in the way of what I think I’m going to get done, and then it’s difficult for me to get back on track sometimes. That’s why I’ve decided on one major New Year resolution – and I never do resolutions! Plan, plan, plan, and then implement. I have a few other resolutions, or goals, for the year, but I realized that my lack of planning and scheduling is holding me back and keeping me from reaching any of it. It is my “push goal” as Chalene Johnson says in her 30 Day Challenge.

Ironically, to make a plan, I need a plan! Here’s what I need to do:
  1. Make a 12 month calendar. Put anything that is already scheduled for the year. Birthdays, holidays, conferences and workshops, vacations.
  2. Brain dump. Write everything down that I need or want to get done this year. Don’t editorialize (so HARD for me!!) just write anything and everything that comes to mind.
  3. Prioritize.
      What needs to be done in the next 90 days? Look only at what HAS to be done in the next 90 days to begin with. Break down anything that needs to be, into –

      1. This month?
      2. This week?
      3. Today?
      Mark everything else with 6 month, 9 month, 12 month dates, or beyond dates. Anything more than 12 months out are long term goals. This can be a financial or career goal, or a personal goal, such as new home, that may take longer than a year to obtain. Save these to plan for later.
  1. Break down projects. Do any of these items need to be broken down into tasks? If so, what are the tasks or steps that need to take place before they are achieved? How long will each take?
  2. 90 day plan. Take a 90 day planner and plug in the 90 day or less tasks and goals. I’m using Pamela W. Shaw’s Designing Your Life planner.
  3. Update and repeat. Set a date close to the end of the 90 days to create the next 90 day plan. Use the 6, 9, 12 month and beyond items and repeat steps 4, 5 and 6.


These are steps that I have created for myself from the many books and blogs that I have read. They may or may not work for you. I will update you on how it works for me!

As Mary Kay Ash said,

Plan your work brder

Oh, and in doing a little research for this, I found this awesome article for people with ADD to help stay on track that I need to follow a little closer, too!

Until next time, make 2016 your best year ever!!


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