Changes: Time to Move On

Ch-ch-ch-changes….  Life is full of changes.

Almost a year ago I shared about my house getting broken into and squatters moving in. Since then it’s been a huge thorn in my side and continuous problems. Repeated break-ins, damage, and theft. In December my brother moved in temporarily and things have been better but not without a few other incidents, like the man that he found hiding under a blanket on the couch in one of the houses, and the clothes and drug paraphernalia that belong to a man running around naked in the neighbor’s yard the night before. I decided early on in this situation that I wanted to get rid of the property and not deal with it anymore. Well…, not quite so easy as that seems. The area was going through new zoning so I wanted to wait for that. Check!: rezoned in September to high-density apartment buildings because the light rail station is being built nearby. Now, how do you price the property?? The houses are not worth anything really; it’s all about the land – a little over half an acre. But what does that mean? There isn’t much to compare it to, plus a few other issues like access to the road. So, we wait and research and wait some more.

But where?

In the meantime, we (my husband and I) try to decide where we would like to live. We don’t really like where we are (outskirts of Tacoma) but not sure where we want to be. He wants a view of the water. I want a functional house with a yard. We both want less traffic and more sun. Places considered; Port Townsend, Ellensburg, South Sound (Olympia area). Nothing that really stood out and made sense. Then we met some people while watching a band we follow. They moved from Redmond to Wenatchee about a year before. They loved it. Hmmm, sun and still green around it. Not terribly far from my family. Definite possibility! So we looked into it further.

Oh, and we also knew that his family would be coming with us. He’s an only child and his parents are in their 80’s. We need to be close to them when needed. His young adult son also lives with us. So we need a house that works for everyone. With at least two separate living areas. Not gonna be an easy find.

We took a couple of trips over to Wenatchee with a list of houses that might work. We spent some time checking out the town and what’s there. It fit. Now to find a house and sell the other property.


I found a real estate broker who claimed to have developers who were interested in property in the rezoned area. Even though my husband is a broker, this isn’t his area of knowledge nor does he have the developer connections in the Shoreline area. So he said go ahead and see what the other broker could do. It didn’t take long and he found a buyer. We soon came to a mutual agreement that we both could live with!

While that deal was going through its stages we found a house that works for us in Wenatchee. A HUGE house that has two separate living areas, a little bit out of town but still very close. No view, no pool, but it works very well. We made our offer and it was accepted immediately! Wow! This is after we had heard that they were really reluctant to sell and it had been on the market for quite some time. We even talked to the neighbor to find out about the private drive that’s shared and what it’s like to live there. They were very helpful and great people. Definitely works!

Oh, and by the way…

In the middle of this research and negotiations, my father in law had a stroke. May 31, 2017 he was admitted to the hospital and it was determined he had an ischemic stroke in the right hemisphere of his brain. After about a week in the hospital he was transferred to a skilled nursing facility to undergo physical, occupational, and speech therapy. He has recovered quite a bit but still has some cognitive deficits. He’ll most likely be released next week.

So in the last two months I have sold the house and property where I grew up, dealt with my father in law’s stroke by transporting and being supportive of my mother in law and husband, and bought a house in Wenatchee (160 miles away). I’ve had to clean up over 30 yards of garbage from the old property and move whatever I wanted to keep to our current house, go to the Wenatchee house for an inspection, and still try to keep some kind of order at home. Whooh!! Soooo much to do!!

And now…

Today is the day of closing on the Shoreline property! Tomorrow the Wenatchee house should close! Wow! This is really happening!! A little scary but OH SO EXCITING!! This house has been in our family for over 55 years. It’s a big chapter to close but I’m looking forward to the new chapter coming and so grateful to have this opportunity to make life better for us all.

The old house I grew up in. Quite broken down and neglected.
Our new Wenatchee house!!
Full deck on back. Separate living space downstairs.
A pond and waterfall feature in the back
Rolling hills to the South
Alpacas to the North
More of the North and the hill where the lavender farm will be
View from the sun room

I would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below about what’s important to you about where you live. Do you love where you live or would you like to make a change? Or any other thoughts you might have about my move or change in general.

Thanks for being here!





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  1. Congratulations! It’s beautiful! I am so happy for you!

    1. Thanks Heather!! I’m so looking forward to it!!

  2. Love your new home! Hope you will enjoy the beautiful area. I love my new home on wheels, nothing like new beginnings

    1. Absolutely Mary! Thanks so much!

  3. Wow love the new house and the view, so happy for you….

    1. Thanks Tonye! If you ever come out this way you will have to come stay with us!!

  4. Congratulations Edie!!! New beginnings are a wonderful thing! You and I are on a similar journey right now. When you are making the right life decision, things fall in to place easily. Your new home is lovely and I LOVE the proximity to the alpacas! Best wishes for much happiness! You deserve it!

    1. Aww, thank you Amy! I do believe this is a very good decision and looking forward to the new adventure. All the best to you as well!

  5. Edie, what a journey! Your new home is beautiful, it has so much serenity and seems to be a place where you can breath and relax. I can only begin to tell you happy I am for you! You deserve every happiness has to offer. It is your time my friend. xoxo much love, D

    1. Thank you so much Darlene! You and the family must come visit after we get settled in!!

      1. Would love to come visit. I am really starting to like that part of the state!

  6. Hi Edie I am so happy for you. What a wonderful area and a beautiful new house.

    1. Thank you Tracey!! You will have to come visit!!

  7. I’m really happy for you.
    It’s a lovely house.

    1. Thank you Melinda! We are definitely enjoying it 🙂

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